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extra virgin olive oil elixire DOP Empordà

Elixire, award-winner at the 7th edition of the Olivinus awards in Argentina 2013

Olivinus is the most important competition in the world because of the quality of the juries and the participating countries. It should be pointed out that the competition included 80 of the best 100 oils in the world, and that Elixir was awarded the “Gold Prestige” award in recognition of its excellent quality.

Elixire extra virgin olive oil, award winner in Los Angeles

It is one of the highest level olive oil competitions in the world. Elixire, which obtained a bronze medal, is the only award-winning olive oil in the United States from the DOP Empordà out of a total of 517 oils produced throughout the world.

Elixire, awarded the gold medal in Israel

The goal of this international competition held in Jerusalem, on the foothills of Olive Mountain, was to promote the nutritional benefits of extra virgin olive oil and award the best from all over the world. Strict tasting panels, composed of expert professionals, awarded the Gold medal to Elixire.

Elixire, wins the gold medal in Argentina.

The 6th International Competition of Extra Virgin Olive Oils in Latin America, held in Mendoza (Argentina) awarded the Gold Medal to Elixire. 183 corporations from 22 countries, including Japan and South Africa, participated in the event.

Joaquim Suñer and ELIXIRE oil on Canadian TV

This interview was recorded by Canadian television RDI Radio Canada

premis oli d'oliva Elixire